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offering individuals 1-on-1 preparation for the SAT, PSAT and ACT exams as well as Math/Science Tutoring

SAT/ACT Exam Preparation

The SAT and ACT exams are important metrics which colleges and universities use as admissions standards.  (Note – the #1 standard is almost always grades / GPA and ‘academic rigor)

Since both the SAT and ACT scores are based on the number of correct answers that a student amasses, the mAke the grAde prep program focuses on active processes which enable students to maximize their number of correct answers, and thus, their ultimate score.

But how?

So what’s the process like? Preparation

  1. Assessment 
  2. Syllabus development 
  3. Ongoing reassessment 
  4. Student mastery 

The bottom line = The students learn, develop and practice a comprehensive set of strategies which will enable them to confidently address every aspect of these challenging tests with a clear, executable plan to achieve their highest potential scores.

There are 4 major components of the plan

Test taking strategies

  • EVERY aspect  has a strategy.  Math, English, Reading, Science, Writing. Everything.  In fact, many of these components of the tests have multiple strategies and can be used individually or in tandem.  Students will be shown, and will practice and master, every strategy they need to succeed 

Pacing drills

  • These are timed exams.  Students stress over not be able to complete the test sections on time.  Over the course of the prep programs, students learn to manage time using a variety of drills and techniques

Core Curriculum 

  • Often students need some remediation and review of ‘book stuff’. This is typically more common in the Math areas, but can extends to all areas of the tests.  


… makes perfect.  In this case.. the mantra is: “We practice as we plan to test”.

There is a 5 step process to create your perfect prep program:

  • Assessment

  • Analysis / Set up

  • Instruction

  • Re-evaluation (test and measure and revise)

  • Graduation

test dates:

Greene offers a complimentary assessment to determine where you are compared to where you want to be.  This includes your target score range, but extends to other aspects of the test as well.  Prior test scores and other individual metrics are also considered

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