mAke the grAde offers individualized 1/1 preparation for the SAT, PSAT and ACT exams. These important test are a major factor in the college admissions process.

The SAT/PSAT prep includes: 
  • Numerous strategies for both the Reading and Math sections
  • Pacing drills
  • Content review as needed (typically more so for Math)
  • Practice testing
  • Consistent feedback

The ACT prep includes: 

  • Numerous strategies for English, Math, Reading and Science sections
  • Pacing drills
  • Content review as needed (typically more so for Math)
  • Practice testing
  • Consistent feedback

This is an individualized (or in some cases very small group) instruction so the program is conceived and implemented for each student based on their goals, ability level and time commitment to the process.   While program length vary greatly, most prep programs are 8-15 weeks in length.  Most students meet for 1 hour at a time, one or two times per week.  There is always additional practice and ‘home work’ between lessons.

There is a 5 step process to create your perfect prep program: 

  1.  Assessment
  2. Analysis / Set up
  3. Instruction
  4. Re-evaluation (test and measure and revise)
  5. Graduation
Where to start? 

Dr Greene offers a complimentary assessment to determine where you are compared to where you want to be.  This includes your target score range, but extends to other aspects of the test as well.  Prior test scores and other individual metrics are also considered.

What is a ‘good score’?

A good score is one that will get you to the next level, in other words, admission to your target school.  Remember …

your target school determines your target score

When should I take the SAT/ACT? 

The tests are given about 15 times throughout the school year but it is important to plan ahead so you have adequate time to prep.

For exact test dates see:
What results can I expect? 

The results vary tremendously depending on starting score, length of prep program, student ability, consistent application of test strategies and more… but mAke the grAde students typically improve between 120 and 200 points from their starting point.

How and where is the prep done?
  1. face to face at the mAke the grAde office
  2. online using the internet based instructional platform

Is there right program for you?

Try a free sample lesson.

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