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“My objective is to be a resource for those who have questions. If anyone wants to set up a time to go over options or simply address your personal individual concerns.“ 

– Dr Steven Greene

Your Personalized Virtual Learning Plan

Parents, as you well know, your children’s education and school routines has been abruptly interrupted by the Covid-19 forced closing of the schools and the transition to virtual / hybrid / home / remote learning.



As an educator and private tutor...

  • Parents are telling me that they are frustrated and concerned…
  • Students are telling me that they are lacking in direction…

Are you working from home and trying to juggle multiple obligations?

  • Are you lacking an academic structure at home?
  • Are you children lacking a consistent study time?

An Immediate Need

  • Dr. Steven  Greene will create an  actionable Personalized Virtual Learning Plan for your family to use right away in your home, in a quick timely turn around period.

The Personalized Virtual Learning Plan is customized to your children based on:

  • Your unique family circumstances
  • BOTH schedules
  • Academic requirements
  • Academic strengths and weaknesses
  • Grade(s) / Age level(s)
  • Type/Level of classes being taken
  • Synchronous or Asynchronous learning
  • Time parameters
  • Short and Long term goals

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Welcome to your resource for action plans which enable you to maximize your education. mAke the grAde provides academic support for all levels of Math and Science, test prep for the SAT and ACT exams and support for Executive Function using the Maximum Education principles. mAke the grAde also conducts classes and workshops for all of these topics and customized educational seminars for businesses and instituti

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