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"Individualized Educational Programs To Help Your Reach Your Goals"

Over 6000 success stories since 1993  

What My Happy Clients say..

  • ~ ACT 31 - 4 point increase I just wanted to let you know that your work with Megan paid off. She just got her ACT score back and she scored a 31, a 4 point increase over her first attempt. Thanks for your en
  • ~ this is an interesting case.. the student had a 31 average when they s Steve, the teacher just emailed me.  His grade is up to 62.7 now. He has gone up from 31. His homework will go in as well as a grade He missed only 1 assignment in beginning.
  • ~ Grad School Admissions I have just received my acceptance letter to Holy Family and I wanted to thank you so much for your help and guidance through my testing and application process.  Definit
  • ~ 2220 SAT score... 300+ point increase

    Dear Dr Greene,

    Thank you thank you thank you! We just received Emma's score....a 2140! Her super score is 2220. We ARE absolutely thrilled. I met with a couple today wh

"Individualized Educational Programs To Help You Reach Your Goals"

Over 6000 success stories since 1993  

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The PSAT – Does the PSAT predict SAT scores or college success?

The PSAT, or Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test, is often referred to as the PRACTICE SAT exam… but this is really correct?

Here are the two most common questions that I get asked about the PSAT:

Does the PSAT help to predict future SAT scores?

Does the PSAT have a correlation to performance in college?

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Maximum Education – What is your study plan?

Everyone is super busy these days. Running here and there from all day. This used to be the purview of C level executives and over scheduled executives, but now it also included students. It’s common to see a student up before the sunrise, at school until 3 or 4 in the afternoon, then to a sports practice or club or other activity and then finally home for an evening of homework. The ‘average’ student, even in middle school level, may spend as much as 3 hours on homework a night (according to a great article in the Atlantic – this article also compares the time spend on homework done to grades).

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Academic Tutoring

  • Test prep. For SAT/PSAT/ACT
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Organization/Study Skills

Business Education

  • Communication
  • Social Media
  • Process Automation
  • Follow-up Technology Bassd on Dr. Greene's Books!
    "How Do You Contact Your Contacts"
    "Building Business By Building Business Relationships"
Dr Steven Greene Founder and Lead Educator at mAke the grAde

The Success Doctor - Educator, Entrepreneur. Working with students, their families and business owners, he has created created over 6 000 success stories for over 20 years.

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