mAke the grAde

offering individuals 1-on-1 preparation for the SAT, PSAT and ACT exams as well as Math/Science Tutoring

mAke the grAde provides supports :

  • Math: Pre-Algegbra, Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Math Analysis, Calculus, and general Math

  • Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and General Sciences

Academic tutoring:

1. Subject review
2. Quiz / Test preparation
3. Subject preview (work ahead)

For 11 years, Dr Greene was a state certificated middle and high school math and science teacher.
The teaching approach is holistic and objective based.

Creating a Successful
Tutoring Program

4 Steps to Success


Assessment involves a series of steps to determine the present needs of the student.

This includes a personal interview with the student and parents, as well as, when appropriate, with teachers and other professionals.

Additionally, there is a review of recent tests and other relevant work the student has completed. Students may also use testing materials specifically designed by Make the GrAde.


A series of short, medium, and long-term goals are established.

These goals may be multileveled and will be focused on: comprehension, skills development, test readiness, and student academic independence.


Based on the assessment and goals and timeline a syllabus will be established and deployed. 


At appropriate intervals – typically monthly – progress will be measured by both quantitative and qualitative methods.

A determination will be made in order to set new goals and new objectives.

How to insure a Successful Tutoring Experience:

It is important to assess the current needs of the students and combine the results of the assessment with the student/family goals to create a working plan and curricullum. 

The assessment can and should include: current work, past academic history, professional input from teachers or other support professionals, student and family / parent input and layered with timeline considerations.

Since mAke the grAde is focuses on individual support, and, of course, every student has unique needs and goals, every academic plan of action will be different.   The programs are based on their goals, ability level and time commitment to the process.

While program length vary greatly, most prep programs are 8-15 weeks in length. Most students meet for 1 hour at a time, one or two times per week. There is always additional practice and ‘home work’ between lessons.


mAke the grAde provides tutoring for:

  • Math & Sciences
  • SAT/ACT test prep
  • ISEE, SSAT test prep
  • Maximum Education: Study Skills, Time Management, Information Management

mAke the grAde works students at the:

  • University Level
  • High School
  • Middle School
  • Older Elementary School

mAke the grAde provides tutoring:

  • Live at the mAke the grAde office
  • Online/Virtual
  • Small groups (2-4 students)
  • Workshops and courses (SAT/ACT/Maximum Education)


  • Improved Grades
  • More control over academics
  • Increased Self-Reliance
  • Time Management
  • Information Management
  • Reduced Stress
  • Better Long Term Planning

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Welcome to your resource for action plans which enable you to maximize your education. mAke the grAde provides academic support for all levels of Math and Science, test prep for the SAT and ACT exams and support for Executive Function using the Maximum Education principles. mAke the grAde also conducts classes and workshops for all of these topics and customized educational seminars for businesses and instituti

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