Maximum Education Tip – Process of Elimination is King

Test Prep for SAT and ACT: Process of Elimination is the king of all strategies.

In any multiple choice test, you are given the answers.  Think about that… the correct answers are right there for you.  You just have to identify it.

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So…  What’s the catch?

The wrong answers are also there.. and there are 3 or 4 more of them.  But if you can eliminate the wrong answers, you are left with the correct one.  This is a reverse solving strategy.

Consider this …  free response:

The exact population of Trenton New Jersey is ____________.


But try this… multiple choice:

The exact population of Trenton New Jersey is:

A) 5
B) 29
C) 14, 723
D) 34, 567, 913
E) 84,308

So what answers are Unreasonable?  (Eliminate them)

What answer is the most reasonable?

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Maximum Education Tip -Outlines

Outlines – Typically used to collect and summarize information.

Did you know that there are at least 7 different ways the you can create outlines depending on the type of information that you are collecting and organizing.  Some for text based, some are visual and some are more flow chart like.  These include:

  • The Classic Indented Outline
  • The “Cornell” Method Outline
  • The Concept Map Outline
  • The Radial Spokes Outline
  • The Table Method Outline
  • The “Tree and Roots” System Outline
  • The “Chicken and Egg” Style Outline

All of these types of outlines are covered in Maximum Education both in the book, and through the supporting video series.

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Maximum Education tip – Time Management

#maximumeducation tip: You have numerous assignments at the same time… keep them organized  by short and long term time lines.  Use charts supplied in Maximum Education to facilitate this process.  The key is daily, consistent strategy.
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The College Application Essay Essentials

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You have the grades.. You have the SAT / ACT scores for your target schools.

Now make sure that your essays also mAke the grAde.


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SAT/ACT Prep – Plan – Don’t Cram

#maximumeducation tip- SAT / ACT test prep. The best strategy is a longer term – slow and steady – approach. Don’t cram.

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Summer Reading

‎#maximumeducation‬ tip- For summer reading: Read and take notes. You likely will not remember the details of the book in September. Attention to the process the first time will save you time and effort later on.

What is your plan?

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ACT Writing Section now 2-12 scoring

Dr Steven Greene of mAke the grAde analysis:

I do not think that this change will have any large impact in the college admissions process.  It seems that all is it doing is just changing a standard for scoring.  The relative score would essentially remain the same.  This change does, however, align the scoring systems of the ACT writing essay to the SAT writing section.

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May  2016  ACT Will Move to 2-to-12 Score Range for ACT Writing Test Results

IOWA CITY, Iowa—Beginning this fall with the September national test date, ACT will no longer report ACT writing test scores on a 1-to-36 scale. To reduce confusion among users, the writing score will instead be reported on a range of 2-to-12, with 12 being the highest possible score. The new reported score will be the average of the four 2-to-12 domain scores on the essay.

The writing test itself, which was revised last year, will remain unchanged. The essays will still be scored using the same rubric, on four domains (ideas and analysis, development and support, organization, and language use and conventions) by two independent readers. Scores on the four individual domains on the ACT writing test will continue to be reported on a 2-to-12 range as they are now.

Last year, ACT revised the optional writing test and began converting results to a 1-to- 36 score scale to be consistent with the multiple-choice ACT test scores. This change, however, caused confusion among students who attempted to interpret their writing score in comparison to their multiple choice test scores. Each ACT subject test measures different skills, and many students earn higher scores on some tests than on others.

“Our customers have spoken, and we have listened,” said ACT Chief Commercial Officer Suzana Delanghe. “Converting the writing results to a 1-to-36 scale made sense conceptually, but in practice it created confusion among some students. We clearly understand that now, and we are making this change to eliminate the confusion.”

“Our research indicates that scores on the revised ACT writing test are performing no differently in comparison with scores on the other four ACT subject tests than they did on the previous writing test,” said Wayne Camara, ACT senior vice president of research. “Converting the writing scores to the 1-to-36 scale may have made the differences in scores seem larger or more obvious. This is really a perceptual problem that we are addressing.”

ACT advises that students can best interpret how well they scored on an individual subjectACT book test by looking at the percentile rank, rather than comparing the score on one subject test to the score on another.

ACT is a mission-driven, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people achieve education and workplace success. Headquartered in Iowa City, Iowa, ACT is the nation’s leader in college and career readiness, providing high-quality assessments grounded in more than 50 years of research and experience. ACT offers a uniquely integrated set of solutions that empower individuals with insights to succeed from elementary school through career. To learn more about ACT, go to

Contact: Ed Colby, ACT Public Relations 319.337.1147;

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