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What People Are Saying…
SATs went from 1490 to 1780 in October… Wow!!
The summer work on Math was so helpful to XXXXX, it’s mid-October and she is still ahead of the class and has a 95 average…in fact she’s been tutoring some of her friends…
November SAT… we were hesitant to take the test as we weren’t sure that xxxxx would be ready, but her score increased by 140 points… 80 in Math.  We can’t tell you how happy we are.
“First of all she improved her SAT?s by at least 90 points. I don?t have her scores handy but I know she was in the high 1100. And the essay score of 9. She also ended her Sr. Yr with a B avg. A stellar job!” – Parent
“You have helped with grades and attititude, but most importantly, you have been there whenever we had a question or a problem. No matter how small. Thank you for everything!” – Susan R.
“Sorry it has taken me so long to say thank you so much for the work you did with Will. He was really pleased with the results of his SAT’s…and so was I. I think he will now have more options when he begins to look at colleges and that was the whole point.
Will has really enjoyed working with you. He likes and respects you a lot. Steve, my husband, and I appreciate the reports on your sessions with Will as well as the pep talk reminders of upcoming tests and appointments…one of which arrived today with regard to upcoming SAT II tests. Thanks again for the effective attention you have given to Will.
““First of all she improved her SAT’s by at least 90 points. I don’t have her scores handy but I know she was in the high 1100. And the essay score of 9. She also ended her Sr. Yr with a B avg. A stellar job!”
“Thank you so much for all your help with Allison. I will have her practice and look over all of her books for the test on Saturday. There is no question that her confidence is much stronger and that she is prepared. ”
“You don’t understand how much you helped me out!!! You’re the BEST!!! 😀 We’ll keep in touch, don’t worry! I know I’ll be emailing you and maybe even calling you while I’m at college!!
“800 on the Math section! Your system REALLY works. Wow… we are so excited” ” – Zach F.
I wanted to touch base with you and let you know that Justin is feeling really confident about tomorrows SAT. Justin never suffered from test anxiety-it was usually more like test apathy. Having a lot of test taking strategies under his belt seems to have helped with this as he’s viewing tomorrow as a challenge for which he’s ready. Thanks for all your help so far,”
Hi, My daughter thought this session went well and she is feeling more confident. Your program is great and just what she needed. She definitely feels good about the tutoring and believes it will help her get a better score. Thanks much, Carol B. Parent
Did Phil give you a copy of his last report card? Wow! His exam grades are great. I believe his review and study skills are so much stronger… thank you so much!!”
“Dear Steve, Good news–Brian got into his first choice, the University of Miami. He also applied to Drexel and got in also. Now all my children are in college. Best to you.”.
“We see an improvement in Don’s studies and his confidence has definitely improved. Also, we did not receive any progress report this quarter, which is great news. Thanks for your great work.”
“Aside from his educational qualifications (which are many) and his comprehensive knowledge of the general educational curriculum of study, he is, simply put, a natural at working with kids. Having a seemingly endless amount of patience and an easy-going manner Dr. Greene is aptly able to instruct in the manner that best suits each individual student with great sensitivity and a keen desire to meet each child’s needs. Additionally, Dr. Greene is extremely accessible to both parents and students for questions, advice, and suggestions. My only disappointment concerning Dr. Greene is that I don’t have more children for him to tutor.”
“Thanks for the help with SAT prep. I really was able to use the strtegies during the test. My scores went up 180 points”
“Thank you for all your patience with our son in the learning process and for all your flexibility with scheduling. Your ability to successfully communicate math concepts to our son is so appreciate.”

“Many thanks again for coaching our son for all these years! He is a better boy for this. He had fun, and learned so much at the same time.”
“Wow! We expected our daughter to do well, but we are so excited about her grades. Her the second straight quarter on high honors. And her confidence is tremendous. Thank you. Thank you.”
“220 points [increase in SAT scores].. Wow. We have made our goals and more. Your system really works.”
“If it weren’t for you, I would have failed Biology last year, and I definitely would have failed Chemistry this year. You made it so easy to understand and so simple. I wish my teacher in school could make it so easy…”
“Math always seemed like such a struggle for our child. We had tried a number of help methods including Sylvan and Huntington, but nothing had any lasting value. In 3 months with you, he’s made more progress than in all the past years combined. His last grade – A. He was so proud. Thank You!”
“Steve,Yeah!!!!!! 33) quiz 9.1-9.5 10.8 no 9.3, Misc Score 91.3 Points Possible 100.0”
Dear Steve, Scores are in, and Matt did MUCH better! I don’t remember what the first scores were (I’ve blocked it out of my mind) but this time he got: Thanks!”
“Dons math grades look great. He said the test/quiz last week was really hard. i’m glad he did so well i think it will help his confidence.”
“Steve – I know Karen emailed you but I wanted to thank you for helping Brett out with his SATs. His score went up 80 points in Math and Verbal and another 50 in Writing for scores of 1130 and 1170 Total.”
Hi Steve. Just thought to update you on your former students Larry and Karen. Larry graduated from GW in Washington and started Fordam Law in NYC.He majored in History and minored in English. I believe he generally avoided the sciences, no surprise. Karen starts her sophmore year at NYU.