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Math/Science Tutoring

mAke the grAde
provides academic tutoring for...
All levels of Math
and Science
All levels of Math
and Science

Creating a Successful Tutoring Program

Assessment involves a series of steps to determine the needs of the student. This includes a personal interview with the student and parents, as well as with teachers and other appropriate professionals. There is also a review of recent tests and other relevant work the student has completed. Students may also use testing materials specifically designed by Make the GrAde.

A series of short, medium, and long-term goals are established. These goals may be multileveled and will be focused on results.

Based on the assessment and goals, a syllabus will be established. Depending upon the amount of time committed to tutoring, this may be in the form of a monthly syllabus. Each tutoring session will have a specific theme or objective.

At appropriate intervals, progress will be measured by both quantitative and qualitative methods. A determination will be made in order to set new goals and new objectives. Evaluation cycles are generally monthly, but may occur at either more or less frequent intervals, depending upon the student’s rate of progress. Parents may request to receive a weekly evaluation, which will be sent via fax, phone, or email.

mAke the grAde provides tutoring for:

  • Math for middle school, high school and university levels.
  • Science for middle school, high school and university levels.
  • SAT/ACT test prep for High School Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors.
  • Test Prep for ISEE, SSAT for entry for 6th, 7th and 9th grade levels.
  • Maximum Education: Study Skills, Time Management, Information Management
    (Based on the principles in the #1 Amazon Best Selling book) for all students.

mAke the grAde works students at the:

  • University Level
  • High School
  • Middle School
  • Older Elementary School

mAke the grAde provides tutoring:

  • Live and face to face at the mAke the grAde office
  • Online via an internet based classroom
  • Small groups (2-4 students)
  • Workshops and courses (SAT/ACT/Maximum Education)

How mAke the grAde will you help you reach your goals?

  • Improved Grades
  • More control over academics
  • Increased Self-Reliance
  • Better Time Management
  • More Efficient Information Management
  • Reduced Stress
  • Long Term Planning

Study Skills & Time Management

Based on Maximum Education:

  • Homework Tracking
  • Planning
  • Note Taking
  • Outlining
  • Quiz, Test and Finals Preparation
  • Essay and Paper Writing
  • Memorization Techniques
  • Short-, Medium-, and Long-term Goal Setting
  • Achieving Personal GoalsEstablishing good time management and study skills is increasingly important as workloads and academic pressures mount.We teach study, time management, and organizational techniques that are geared toward increasing productivity and decreasing stress. We will show our students how to stay on top of homework assignments and subject matter by teaching them how to stay organized, manage their time, and study effectively and efficiently.  Many of the study skills taught are extracted from the Study Skills Course that Dr. Greene has presented at several schools. Study skills and time management instruction is available year-round. Also, Make the GrAde’s Study Skills manuals are available through our on-line Shopping Cart

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Study Skills

Time Management, Organization, Prioritization

Full Time / Year Round Service
Summer remediation programs
Summer preview programs

Instructiona Modes

  • 1/1 individualized tutoring
  • small group (3-6) instruction
  • online tutoring (individual and small group) using technology
  • IEP support and interfacing with teachers, administrators,  and school officials in the public and private school forums

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