The Success Doctor

Established in 1996, mAke the grAde Academic Services has provided educational consulting to the southeast Pennsylvania academic community for years with over 7 000 students and families helped. with the expansion of tutoring via the internet, mAke the grAde is truly a local company with a global reach.


Turbocharge Your Education

Get yourself into the systematic habit of doing things the most productive and efficient way that cuts out any unnecessary distractions. Save time by having a solid system that is geared towards SUCCESS. Many students are not following ANY system and therefore are having to overload their mind and become confused, frustrated, and tired. In this book, I will give you all the answers you are looking for. This is the exact same system that I have taught mAke the grAde students to use in their every day success routine that has lead them to “mAke the grAde!”


Your Blueprint for Student Success!

The Success Doctor, Steven Greene, helps your student regain control of their unique academic goals. You’ll learn systems for managing time & information, actionable tactics for improving grades, plus strategies on achieving your target scores on the SAT, ACT, & other standardized tests. From Middle & High School to college planning and beyond, gain perfect clarity in the nebulous fog of K-12.

Discover exactly what you need to know to help your student reach their dreams of higher education & beyond!

mAke the grAde specializes in math, sciences, study skills, SAT PSAT ACT preparation and private school admissions exams. mAke the grAde also conducts classes and workshops in these topics as well as customized educational seminars for businesses and institutions.


To provide individualized and personalized instruction including tutoring for students of all ages and grade levels designed for individual’s needs and goals.

To help you reach your goals, both in and out of the classroom.

We live in a very busy world.  The demands on students: academic, athletic, extracurricular, and in the community often exceed the hours in the day.

Academic support and coaching, whether helping support a subject in which a student needs a boost, or help with general organization, or preparation for college entrance exams and college admissions essays, is an invaluable asset.

mAke the grAde will design a program customized to your student’s ability, needs, and personal goals.


Everyone knows how important one-on-one tutoring is for a child having trouble with schoolwork.

The personalized interaction provides new learning “luxuries” that, understandably, are unavailable in the classroom:

  • Ability to work on any subjects of choice and to ask any questions freely Many children are afraid to ask questions in the classroom even though the answers might help them with their work. They believe the rest of the class understands the material, so their question will appear “dumb.” One-on-one tutoring eliminates the fear of embarrassment.
  • Instant feedback on performance A child who is having trouble understanding his work needs to have constant assurance that he is doing his work correctly. With one-on-one tutoring, students are able to feel encouraged and are more willing to continue working when they know they are doing well
  • Freedom to work at one’s own speed During one-on-one tutoring, students are free from the often-frustrating time constraints they experience in the classroom.
  • Close attention to individual learning needs A private tutor can help break down an assignment into manageable portions so that the student can successfully complete each step. Students can also be shown how to use their own particular learning styles to their advantage. Similarly, their areas of weakness can be identified and strengthened.
  • Undivided attention for the impromptu questions that feed one’s intellectual needs A child is constantly pondering and puzzling about the world around him. He needs to have answers to questions that he himself has asked. An answer is so much more meaningful when the child has asked the question himself. There is rarely an opportunity for students to ask their individual questions in a large classroom setting.
  • Avoidance of the inevitable conflict that arises when parents have to help with homework at the end of a hectic day Need we say more on this point?!

There is another equally important, yet often overlooked use for one-on-one tutoring:

Assessment of, and attention to, a child’s learning needs before problems arise Wise parents do not leave the initial development of their child’s reading, writing, and math skills to chance. It is not unusual for a child to require one-on-one help to get off to a good start in these skills. And it is certainly not a reflection of their level of intelligence, or that of their parents, if they do need help.

While it may not be realistic to expect that a child can have a teacher to himself for a whole day, every day, it is conceivable that he might have one for an hour or so per week. An hour with a personal tutor can help prevent many potential problems from forming.

We all know that the most well-prepared children, both emotionally and educationally, are usually the ones who have received lots of one-on-one attention and instruction from their parents before the age of five. It only makes sense that this manner of teaching should continue into their school years. Even educationally handicapped children have been known to develop far beyond expectations from wise one-on-one tutoring