Dateline March 2020 – The Corona Covid-19 virus has affected our daily lives.  Our children’s education and school routines have been abruptly interrupted and disconnected.

In these presentations – for parents wanting to learn to set up a structure for home based learning – Dr Greene (a long time advocate and purveyor of online instruction) presents many useful, practical and immediately actionable strategies for your to use right away in your home situation.

“My objective is to be a resource for those who have questions. If anyone wants to set up a time to go over options or simply address your personal individual concerns click here to schedule.

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Many parents have asked for a demo of my online classroom so if you would like to set up a ‘demo’ click here: I would like  a demo of the online learning system

The mAke the grAde success community continues to be an excellent ongoing resource during this time period, and it will continue to be, but really it is a place to learn long term learning and educational strategies to help you/your child/your family achieve maximal academic success.

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