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The 5 step process to greater productivity for students and business people

Posted on September 21, 2011 at 8:18am  Print

Most students and business people face multiple challenges simultaneously. A student sitting down to do homework may have as assignment for each class as well as some shorter and longer term projects to work on… this begs the questions: How do you decide what to do first? and How do you manage your time?

What to do first is most often the most important and highest priority task or assignment.  This is of course a relative thing for each person, but it is something that needs to be quickly evaluated and sorted.  Here is a basic protocol to accomplish this that we at mAke the grAde do with our students daily.

1. make a list of all the ongoing assignments
2. Assign S (short) or L (long) term time frames to each task (typically S are due the next day and L beyond one day like an upcoming test)
3. rank the tasks in the order of importants – all the S then all the L
4. Estimate the time needed to do each task
5. Use the chart to set up your homework or work time.

This system is simple, yet powerful, and will increase both efficiency and productivity.

The Upper Dublin Library Presents:
College Admissions Tests ACTand SAT
Which is better for you?  What is your plan?  to register

Thursday November 3 2011  7pm – 830pm
in the UD Library Community Room


The objectives of this event are to discuss:
Common Questions About Test Prep
College admissions credentials
Differences & value of SAT & ACT tests
Learning styles best suited for each test
Value of Test Prep
Test Prep Options
mAke the grAde Approach

This event if FREE and open to the general public. Please spread the word with anyone who would have an interest. If you have questions about this workshop please contact mAke the grAde at 215 540 8378.  This event if FREE and open to ALL members of the community.

UD Library Info>> 215 628 8744
mAke the grAde Info>> 215 540 8378