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SAT / ACT: Use the fix and find strategy on the writing section

The Language sections of the SAT and ACT can be problematic for students, particularly if their knowledge of grammar and grammar constructs is sub par.   The basic technique that mAke the grAde teaches is called “Fix and Find”.   With Fix and Find, the student would look at the question and try to ‘fix’ it themselves and then ‘find’ the answer from the answer list.

Here is a typical example from an SAT exam… The goal is to correct, if needed, the underlined section within the context of the larger paragraph.

from the text:

Yogurt manufacturers, food scientists; and government officials are also working together to develop additional solutions for reusing whey.

B) scientists: and
C) scientists, and
D) scientists, and,

This question is testing the students knowledge of semi-colons, coloons, and commas,  and their usage.  The student has the advantage of having the correct answer listed (see the recent post on Process of Elimination) so they can scan the potential answers to see if any are clearly incorrect, and / or, one appears to be correct.  The student then ‘fixes’ the sentence in their mind and ‘finds’ the correct answer from the list.

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