Chemistry Workshop - Make The Grade

Chemistry Workshop

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  1. Review concepts
  2. Prepare for quizzes and tests
  3. Answer questions
  4. Be an ongoing resource

What the chemistry workshop is:

  1. Open Group 
  2. Opt in for each workshop date
  3. Participants rotate through questions 
  4. Likely the same day / same time but may shift

What the chemistry workshop is not:

  1. A replacement for 1:1 tutoring
  2. A replacement for meeting with the teacher
  3. Not a tightly structured Open Group 
  4. Not a focused only on 1 level / track
  5. Not exclusive to one school or class

Who can attend?

  1. Anyone interested in Chemistry
  2. Anyone who has questions

How to access:

  1. Zoom –>  the link will be sent a few days before each work shop
  2. In the Resource Community 
  3. In the Success Community

How to get ongoing support:

  3. In the Resource Community
  4. In the Success Community


  1. Sorting out but in the $10-$20 per student/workshop range

Register here to for the workshop

Check this video for more information and details

Register here to for the workshop