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12It’s almost Christmas and Hanukah time… And while many are thinking about presents and all the seasonal celebrations, we are also approaching the winter break time.  A time that students presume all that they have to do is sleep late and relax (which actually doesn’t sound all that bad does it?).

However – here are 12 things you can do to maximize your time over the break:

  1. Organize.  You can organize you notebooks and your papers.
  2. Start to prep for midterms (or finals if you have block scheduling)
  3. Read.  Pick a book(s) that you haven’t had time to get to and read it.
  4. Seniors – finish up any loose ends for college admissions
  5. Juniors – SAT / ACT prep.  take a block of time and complete a full test
  6. Sophomores/Juniors – visit a college(s)
  7. Stimulate your mind- Do a crossword puzzle or sudoko every day
  8. Learn 12 new words – build your erudite vocabulary
  9. Work ahead.  get a start on projects / book reports that are coming up
  10. Catch up on any missing / late work.  Don’t lose points!!
  11. Read Maximum Education (
  12. Set your goals for 2017

Need more tips?

Steven-Green-Book-CoverWhat are your suggestions?  Add your suggestions in the comments or post them on the mAke the grAde Facebook page here >>

Lastly, plan ahead… midterms and finals and the winter SAT/ACTs are right around the corner.


If you are a high school junior – it’s GO TIME for test prep.

The best way to prep for an SAT or ACT is to become familiar with the test(s) and identify your areas of strength and weaknesses and then create plan to address your areas of need and to take advantage of your strengths.

A complete prep plan – for both the SAT and ACT – will include:

  • Test taking strategies for all content
  • Pacing Drills
  • Hands on practice (and LOTS of it!)
  • Remediation on academic areas (particularly in Math)
  • Feedback to you the student, and parents / family

Your mAke the grAde test prep plan includes:

  • Assessment of areas of need
  • A complete diagnostic test(s)
  • A plan based on your areas of need and your timetable and your goals
  • Specific instruction for each area of the test for both SAT and ACT including Reading, Language and Math (SAT) and / or English, Math, Reading and Science (ACT)
  • Prep for the Essay
  • Abundant practice testing and hands on test experience

You will want to allow for 6-12 weeks to prepare for a SAT or ACT exam.

Contact mAke the grAde at to learn more and to get started.

Here are your important test dates.

                              2016-17 SAT Administration Dates and Deadlines
SAT Date SAT Subject Tests Available Registration DeadlineLate Registration Deadline Deadline for Changes 
Dec 03, 2016


Nov 03, 2016Nov 15, 2016Nov 22, 2016
Jan 21, 2017


Dec 21, 2016Jan 03, 2017Jan 10, 2017
Mar 11, 2017


SAT Subject Tests not offered on this date
Feb 10, 2017Feb 21, 2017Feb 28, 2017
May 06, 2017


Apr 07, 2017Apr 18, 2017Apr 25, 2017
Jun 03, 2017


May 09, 2017May 16, 2017May 24, 2017
ACT Test Dates & Deadlines
ACT Test DateRegistration DeadlineACT Scores Available
December 10, 2016Nov. 4, 2016Dec. 20, 2016
February 11, 2017Jan. 13, 2017Feb. 22, 2017
April 8, 2017Mar. 3, 2017Apr. 18, 2017
June 10, 2017May 5, 2017Jun. 20, 2017

Vocabulary is the X factor. You can never know too many words  and you can never be too strong of a communicator.

Be erudite!

Even though the SAT has (mostly anyway) dropped vocabulary from the test… having an impressive command of the language is critical. Think beyond school and forward to the professional and employment world.

What is your “word of the day”?






Outlines – Typically used to collect and summarize information.

Did you know that there are at least 7 different ways the you can create outlines depending on the type of information that you are collecting and organizing.  Some for text based, some are visual and some are more flow chart like.  These include:

  • The Classic Indented Outline
  • The “Cornell” Method Outline
  • The Concept Map Outline
  • The Radial Spokes Outline
  • The Table Method Outline
  • The “Tree and Roots” System Outline
  • The “Chicken and Egg” Style Outline

All of these types of outlines are covered in Maximum Education both in the book, and through the supporting video series.

You can get your copy of Maximum Education, the #1 Amazon Best Seller by clicking here

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 5.08.20 PM


#maximumeducation tip: You have numerous assignments at the same time… keep them organized  by short and long term time lines.  Use charts supplied in Maximum Education to facilitate this process.  The key is daily, consistent strategy.
What’s your plan?
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Steven Greene Best Seller

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You have the grades.. You have the SAT / ACT scores for your target schools.

Now make sure that your essays also mAke the grAde.


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#maximumeducation tip- SAT / ACT test prep. The best strategy is a longer term – slow and steady – approach. Don’t cram.

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‎#maximumeducation‬ tip- For summer reading: Read and take notes. You likely will not remember the details of the book in September. Attention to the process the first time will save you time and effort later on.

What is your plan?

Email for a tracking plan.

The Spinners announced today that they have partnered with mAke the grAde, a local academic service and tutoring company run by Dr. Steven Greene.

Established by Dr. Steven Greene in 1996, mAke the grAde specializes in individualized instruction and support for all areas of Math and Science as well as test prep for the SAT / ACT exams and the college admissions process.  Based out of Upper Dubin, PA, Dr. Greene offers his service to students from Philadelphia and the surrounding counties.

We are very excited to have mAke the grAde on board for 2016.” said Billy Sickles, MLU Partnership Development Associate. “With so many members of the growing Ultimate community in Philadelphia leading busy lies, Dr. Greene and his team provide the right support and individual attention you, or your child needs to succeed. Whether it’s school performance, time management, or an important exam, mAke the grAde has everything you need to tackle the task at hand.

The Spinners remain committed to establishing partnerships that not only support local businesses, but also provide services to their fan base and the local ultimate community on the whole.  For ultimate fans outside of the Philadelphia area, mAke the grAde offers an online classroom which them to work with/teach students worldwide.

On a personal level I played Ultimate for 10 years at the league and tournament level so I enjoy the sport and I appreciate the talents that it takes to play ultimate at a professional level.” said Dr. Greene. “Further I would like to be part of this sport as it grows and gains more regional and national recognition. “Fans of ultimate, fans of the Spinners, high school and college aged students, should be an excellent match for the students and families that mAke the grAde provides service for.”

For more information on Dr. Greene and mAke the grAde, check out their website, or follow them on FacebookTwitterInstagram or LinkedIn.


Maximum Education: The Ultimate Guide to Optimal Academics is a go to resource for students and their families.  The best selling book focuses on:

  • Information Management
  • Time Management
  • A Comprehensive Daily Action Plan

… as well as many other more specific academic and test prep processes.

Maximum Education has sold is 11 countries around the globe.  To get your copy visit: