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Summer Education

Summer… a break from school and its structure.  Time to relax and recharge. Summer is also a time to bolster your academics and avoid the ‘summer brain drain’. mAke the grAde offers these summer programs: SAT / ACT prep  There is an ACT July 14th (for the first time the ACT will be given over […]

CASE STUDY #9: University-Level Note-Taking

CASE STUDY #9: University-Level Note-Taking Melanie was a university student taking business classes.  She found that many of her classes were a combination of lecture information, classroom examples and what the instructor would put on the board, and practice problems that she had to do in class, typically on a worksheet. The challenge was to […]

CASE STUDY #8: High School Note-Taking

CASE STUDY #8: High School Note-Taking I worked with a student named Tony who had an interesting combination of classes. He was taking two AP classes and one honors class, along with an art class and a media class. The advanced classes were often based on discussions and group projects, with less lecturing and notes […]

CASE STUDY #7: Middle School Note-Taking

CASE STUDY #7: Middle School Note-Taking When I first began working with Jennifer, a seventh grader, she was overwhelmed by the sheer load of information in all of her classes. The teachers in some classes gave a high volume of notes, while teachers in other classes relied more on handouts and PowerPoints for conveying information. […]