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EP 107 – How to Stress Less with Carlee Meyers

For all things academic support, test prep and executive function skills – Learn more at Here is a very important consideration… Do you feel stressed? Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you feel like you don’t have a system to deal with the load of word and life stuff that you have? Then this podcast […]

EP 106 – ELT – Peggy Ployhar – SPED Homeschool Resources

Education Live Thursday – Every Thursday at 8pm – discussing current important topics in education. learn more here: This week our guest is Peggy Ployhar, SPED Homeschool Founder & CEO, is a leader in the special education homeschooling community and a frequent writer and speaker on specialized education homeschooling issues. She is a physicist […]

Join Dr Greene for this weekly edition of Education Live Thursday , a weekly show highlighting important and timely topics in education. If you have suggestions for topics, or you would like to be considered as a guest on Education Live Thursday  email here I HAVE AN IDEA FOR EDUCATION LIVE THURSDAY Reach Dr Greene […]

EP 104 Financial Planning for College and for Life with Chris Crail

Learn more at Do you need support for your child in this age of virtual learning?    Go to Are you planning to send your children to college? What is your savings plan? I sat down with Financial Coach Chris Crail in the mAke the grAde studio and we discussed this important topic.  […]


EP 102 – College Financial Planning with Jerry Gross

For the best support for all of your academic needs.   The SUCCESS Community.  Learn more by clicking this link News Flash – College is expensive.  It may be one of the largest expenditures that a family makes, second only to their home.  Proper planning and financial strategies are so critical to insure a successful financial side to […]

EP 101 – Katrien Van Riet – Virtual Education and Teaching English Internationally

Get your academic questions answered – and all the support you would need: EDUCATION LIVE THURSDAY Let’s explore how students in other parts of the world are learning and coping in this time of virtual instruction Katrien Van Riet Educator and English Teacher Holland         We will discuss (and more!) What […]

EP 100 – Tyrone Robinson – Structure and Operations

Get all the support you need and answers to all of your academic questions Tyrone Robinson is the Owner of Opportunities 2 Serve, LLC. For the last 7 years, Robinson has been helping business owners all around the world start, fix or save and/or scale and grow their businesses primarily through operations and strategy […]

EP 99 Sarah Lorraine – School Psychologist

Join EDUCATION LIVE THURSDAY with guest Sarah Lorraine (School Psychologist) as we explore how the virtual school / hybrid school / homeschool transitions have impacted the accommodations and support that students receive. Get all the support you need and all of your academic questions at: join us at * What you need to […]

EP 98 The Education on Fire Interview Hosted by Mark Taylor

Dr Steven Greene – the Success Doctor – is a life long educator, best selling author of “Maximum Education”, host of the mAke the grAde podcast, and online success community facilitator. His mission and focus are simple: to provide actions so his students can maximize their education. In 1997, Dr Greene founded mAke the grAde […]