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EP 96 Carlee Myers – How to Stress Less and Maximize Your Education

This week on EDUCATION LIVE THURSDAY – meet Carlee Myers – from Topics discussed: Coping with these stressful times and staying positive Why we get stressed Bad vs Good stresses Simple techniques parents and children can use for stress relief Study tips and academic ‘hacks’ to help with test taking and other tasks Your questions […]

EP 94 – The mAke the grAde Chemistry Support Workshop

Orientation for the mAke the grAde Chemistry group workshop. Learn more at or email: Who should attend? Parents with children taking Chemistry The goals? Education and support for all things HS level chemistry How to make the best use of these workshops prepare, preview and review and more. 0.75x 1x 1.25x 1.5x […]

EP 93 – Sports Excellent and Academics with Patty Luu

Learn more in the Success Community This weeks guest is PATTY LUU – a sports coach and consultant This discussion includes many important tips and ideas for you and your student / athlete: how to excel at sports how to work to your best ability how to gain college scholarships through athletics plus your […]

EP 92 – The 8 things you MUST do prior to taking the SAT or ACT exams!

Are you taking the SAT or ACT exams? So you’ve done all the pre-work and prep.. not it’s almost test day… Be sure to do  / or have these 8 things done BEFORE you get to the test center (well 8 is there also!!) and.. for more tips / strategies / advice >>> learn more […]

EP 91 – Carlee Myers – Stress Less – How to Destress and Relax for Better Academics

Do you want to be able to relax so you can perform your best on tests and ‘high stakes exams’? Carlee Myers is an expert at helping high achieving CEOs, business owners and managers who feel overworked and exhausted find the peace and freedom they desire. As the founder of The Stress Less Company, (, […]