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Help Your Student Keep Up With mAke the grAde

The beginning of 2020 has proven to be a difficult and challenging time. This is particularly true for families with school-aged children given the drastic changes that occurred with the transition from the classroom to home-based learning. Parents were abruptly forced to be homeschool teachers while balancing work and life. Further, no one knows exactly […]

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How can I Make Sure That my Child Will Stay Current With Their Work During Virtual Distance Learning?

Schools have been closed all around the country until the end of the school year in June because of COVID-19 and the shut in mandates.  This has created challenges for students, and parents, that were unanticipated and unprecedented.  Parents and students are now feeling the pressure to cope with and to adapt to home based […]

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5 Challenges That Families are Facing With Virtual Education and How to Overcome Them

Parents – Dr Greene is offering a Personalized Virtual Plan for families.  Click here to learn more. All over the country, students are continuing to learn and educate themselves, though in very different ways than many of them are used to. With schools closed, virtual learning has become the ‘new normal’ as the method of […]

How Your Child can Maintain Academic Confidence While Engaging in E-Learning During Coronavirus

This spring, the traditional school environment came to a sudden halt due to the precautions in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Schools are quickly converted to e-learning classrooms in a virtual, online-based environment. Although this unexpected big change can be scary for many students, it is possible to thrive while learning in […]