Let me introduce you to Rena McGill, CEO of PodcastEZ. If you’re not yet familiar with this powerful marketing medium to leverage your brand, it’s time to ditch your fear of podcasting and use YOUR STORY to connect with YOUR AUDIENCE. But…before you can effectively market to your target listeners, you must first understand and define YOUR BRAND STORY. This is your year. What will you do with it? QUESTIONS: 1. What are some of the glaring mistakes that you see brands make? 2. Do you believe that a podcast is a great way to sell merchandise to a larger audience? 3. If you had to start all over again, what would you do? 4. What is the biggest lesson you have learned as the foundation for growing your business?
Rena McGill, The CEO of PodcastEZ, has a 35+ yr. career in new product development, operations, management, and market strategy. She has: • Built an award-winning interior design and furnishings firm in the resort industry • Developed Corlinc and Corlinc University with ever-expanding resources & tools to deliver a greater customer experience AND now is • Partnered with Podcast Masters Rob Greenlee and Mike Bajrami. Creating and growing your own podcast has never been SO EASY now with full-service, in-depth quick-start training, pre and post-production, distribution and ongoing support. Just Speak!.
Website: podcastez.com
Facebook: @podcastez
LinkedIn: @rena-mcgill
Twitter:  @podcastez.com