Talking Points:
  • Lack of job passion is a worldwide problem that’s too big to ignore.
  • Why finding a job you love is the single most important thing anyone can do to ensure lasting happiness in their life.

  • The conventional career choice and job search models are missing the job passion component.

  • How a revolutionary new online career assessment called the DreamJob Type Indicator (DJTI)™ quickly identifies your job passion.


Ken Steven is an entrepreneur, consultant, author, speaker, coach, and former marketing and advertising executive for Fortune 500 companies.

He envisions a world where everyone eagerly embraces their work, feeling passionate and purpose-driven by what they do. It is not only his passion but his life’s purpose, to help at least one million people get unstuck from a job they don’t enjoy and discover one that fuels their passion and inspires their purpose.

Ken spent most of his career working in jobs that he disliked, simply chasing opportunities for bigger paychecks to fund a better lifestyle he ultimately became too miserable to enjoy. He desperately wanted to find a job he could feel deeply passionate about doing. But he had no clue what his passion was.

Frustrated that the conventional passion discovery methods were fruitless for him, Ken spent 16 years researching, developing, and testing a better way. The result was his invention of the DreamJob Type Indicator (DJTI)™. It is the only professional online career assessment specifically designed to identify the type of work you’ll naturally feel passionate about doing, and the specific job titles to pursue to have joy, meaning, and fulfillment from your work.

In August 2021, Ken published his book DREAM JOB DISCOVERY – How to Find a Job That Fuels Your Passion and Inspires Your Purpose (Even If You Don’t Know Your Passion or Purpose). It is available almost everywhere books are sold online, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Apple Books.

Ken believes that when you find your job passion, you find your joy, and when you share your job passion, you find your purpose