Talking Points:

  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs wear many hats. Deciding the specific areas in which they provide the most unique value to their businesses, and have the most passion, is critical. For the “other hats”, invest in finding people with the right skill sets to thrive in those areas.

  • There are fundamental differences between management, leadership, and coaching. It’s important for entrepreneurs to understand the different situations in which to apply each role within their companies.

  • Disruptive Discovery, as a facilitation method, can make a positive difference for leaders, sales professionals, coaches, consultants, and advisers.

  • How finding my WHY and the “Do Something” Principle lead to me writing a book, and how these concepts can help entrepreneurs in other ways.


Disruptive Discovery is an experienced-based facilitation model involving a heavy emphasis on “The 10 Questions That Matter.” The mission of this first book is to create a community of disruptors—Facilitators of Betterment—and energize them to make their own positive difference in the lives of others by focusing on what really matters, not wasting time on the stuff that, you know, doesn’t. It’s a vehicle to share what’s on his mind in an attempt to help people help other people. Will it work? Will it be a difference-maker? He hopes so and is issuing a challenge to find out. Better yet, to get disruptive.