Talking Points:
  • Creativity in education/learning
  • Creativity in life
  • Creativity in work
Patrick Williams is a passionate and inspiring artist, writer, public speaker, consultant, independent scholar, and visionary educator. Patrick has 0ver 4 decades of experience teaching and facilitating deep learning to a wide range of audiences. He is an award winning artist and TEDx speaker. Patrick has exhibited art throughout the USA, Japan, and China. His art is in public and private collections and has been represented by galleries in Chicago, Seattle, Omaha, and Albuquerque. Patrick holds black belts in Karate-Dō and Aikidō with decades of experience training and teaching Budō. Patrick’s comprehension, experience, expertise, and synthesis of creativity and innovation is unparalleled. Patrick is the founder of Satori Innovation: A Consulting and Ideation Accelerator.