Talking Points:
  • What made me decide to commit to entrepreneurship?
  • Advice for those looking to start an online business
  • Marketing tips (social media marketing, copywriting, etc.)
Hi, I’m Natan, and I’ve been an Energy Coach since 1997, having more than 10,000 people go through my hands, systems, books and courses in the past 24 years.

I play in the intersection between Time and Energy. Most people know you can’t get more Time, but you can get more Energy!

As the creator of The Limitless Program, my clients learn how to stop wasting Emotional Energy, get 2 days worth of work done in 1 day, transform their levels of energy – personally and professionally!

I’m also blessed enough to be the Founder, Managing Director, Best Selling Author and Head Instructor over at The Essential Academy!

Here you’ll find Peak Performance Programs and Courses for Business Development, Sports Enhancement and Personal Health and Wellness.

We also cater to the Performing Arts and Adult Arts ‘n’ Crafts through our world-renowned Instructors, who bring the most incredible courses to the fingertips of the most incredible Students – all Peak Performers themselves already, from around the world.

Our Students are already Awesome, they are at 9/10. They come to The Essential Academy to find that last little bit that will make them 10/10. That’s how the Academy helps make them Exceptional.

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