Talking Points:
  • Round 1 – “Guess That”! (20 questions)
  • Questions – How do you get better as a podcaster?
  • Round 2 – Trivia
  • Questions – How do you grow your audience? How do you get value from your show?
  • Bonus Round – Truth and Lies (2 Truths and a lie)
I am amazed at the power of connection and how impactful building authentic relationships can be.

I was raised in a small town (Mounds) in Southern Illinois that had one grocery store + one gas station (technically … two … kind of) … with a total population of a whopping 652 people. I don’t say this as a negative thing. I love my hometown and I’m proud to be a BOBCAT (IYKYK)! I say it to make it known that no matter where you come from, you can make it!

I have had the opportunity to have conversations and learn from the brightest minds in the world.

I want to pay that wisdom forward. My mission is to give the gift of connection to as many people as possible and use conversation and dialogue to bring change.

My why is to empower people by helping uncover, cultivate and broadcast their voice to those they were sent to serve.

Some of the ways I help people:
?️Content marketing
?️Podcast strategy and Launch
?️Podcast production and marketing
?️Entrepreneurship training and coaching
?️Passion placement

I would love to meet you at a #meetthemayor town hall ( to get to know you better.