Talking Points:

How to Create Achievable Goals and Outcomes with NLP

Super Brief intro on S.M.A.R.T. Goals and NLP and how it’s different from making resolutions or setting goals and not achieving them

  • S specific and simplistic
  • M measurable and meaningful to you
  • A as if now in all areas of your life
  • R responsible and ecological
  • T timed and towards what you want

Keys To an Achievable Outcome
(Will provide worksheet ahead of time with specific questions for people to ask themselves so that they can think about and have a clear picture of their goal or outcome )

Help them write out the goal in a positive proper format

Then I will walk them through a gui

CEO of Reset Your Mind 1111, Lorie Wu is an Intensive Breakthrough and NLP Mindset Coach Master Certified in NLP, TimeLine Therapy, and Hypnotherapy who resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Lorie is a heart-centered entrepreneur and a light worker who is highly intuitive, empathic and is passionate about fulfilling her life purpose of helping transform people’s lives all over the world. Lorie primarily helps self-sabotogers and over-thinkers who lack purpose break through the shackles of their past, leap forward with balance in body, mind, and spirit and gain the clarity and confidence to achieve what they truly want. With clients in the USA, UK, Canada, Philippines, and Australia who have gotten quick, long-lasting life-changing results in 1:1 breakthrough sessions, Lorie is excited about what the future holds as she believes everyone has the power to do what they set their mind to do and deserves to live a happy, fulfilled life where their past does not define them and the possibilities are endless.