Talking Points:
  • It means that you are simply being mindful of your own needs, so you are better able to support the people you care about. When you take care of yourself and are not stressed, you are better able to meet the needs of others. Self-care comes in a variety of forms.


Serving You & Your Needs

As a mother of seven, wife, and business owner, I’ve had to learn to get things done as efficiently and easily as possible!  My husband is a physician and 5 of our children are married with beautiful families of their own.  Add being a grandmother to the mix and finding time to do basic daily tasks like eat and sleep can be tricky.  I’m sure some of you reading this can relate to that!

I often find myself saying, “If you don’t have time to do it right the first time, when will you find time to do it again!”

I am grateful that I’ve had the opportunity and ability to work from home for the past 21 years.  Hard work, determination, & organizational skills have enabled me to raise my family while keeping all the other balls in the air.  Those skills have also helped me to streamline processes and learn to break down larger goals into smaller, more manageable pieces.  This is true whether it’s trying to figure out what to cook for dinner (again!) or overcoming larger hurdles, especially in the area of health.

I believe that, “Sometimes, when you think you’re being buried, you’re really being planted.”  Meaning, the challenges we go through in life are there for us to grow, to become better and ultimately, to reach our potential.  Humans are the only creation that has the ability to grow, change, become better.  If you use those challenges and difficulties to better yourself, I believe you then have a responsibility to use what you’ve learned through the process to help others.  By helping others overcome the challenges you’ve already faced, your trials and tribulations become meaningful, to yourself and others. 

Otherwise, what did those experiences accomplish?  In other words, “We GO through things to GROW through things so we can help others GET through things.”  I’ve had my own challenges in life.  I experienced the pain and trauma that accompanies difficult situations.  What those experiences were aren’t important because now they are in the past.
What is now in the place where that pain used to be is the burning desire to help others get past their obstacles as well.

Being healthy is a state of mind.  Once that is firmly established, everything else can follow. It would be my honor to walk that path with you

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