Talking Points:
  • How to lose weight and keep it off without going on a diet.
  • Why diets don’t work.
  • How to make better food choices to have more energy, feel better and improve overall health

David Medansky, a non-practicing lawyer, is an international best-selling author, and known as “The Overweight Person’s Best Friend” because he is the Anti-Diet Advocate. At age 61, David was fat and told by my doctor he had a 95% chance for a fatal heart attack. David’s doctor told him to find a new doctor because he did not believe David could lose weight and he did not want him dying on his watch. 

During the next four months David shed 50 pounds, 25% of his total body weight. He learned how to reduce weight without going on a diet, counting calories, or exercising. David understands your frustrations if you ever failed to lose weight on a diet because he tried every diet imaginable without success. And, if he did lose weight on a diet, he could not keep it off.

As a lawyer, David spent his career seeing both sides of the fence. Honest people and dishonest people. And when it comes to the food and weight loss industries, sadly there are more dishonest people than there are those telling the truth. That’s what makes losing weight so difficult. We see labels telling us it’s low fat but that same food is high in sugar. While it’s true that sugary foods are “fat free,” what the label fails to tell you is that sugar causes fat to form inside your body later. Then there’s all these vegan friendly foods. Sounds healthy but they are filled with chemicals, dyes and artificial preservatives. Oreo Cookies are a vegan food! Just like he had to read the fine print when he practiced law, he is now reading and exposing the fine print on food labels and diet programs.

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