Talking Points:
  • How to best deal with one of your biggest enemies in starting and building a new business, You?
    A. The 3 P’s: persistence, patience and perseverance
    B. Think about the old saying “put your eggs in more than one basket”. Stop watching the water waiting for it to boil! Start another pot!
    C. Whip your undisciplined self into shape. How? Structure and organization with specific dates and goals.
    D. If at first you don’t succeed try, try, try, try, try again. Try out as many concepts as you can afford and want to.
    E. Read, read, read. Read as many books on business, entrepeneurialship and sales as you can get recommendations for. $100 start up is a great book to get ideas and get the juices flowing.
    F Blood, sweat and tears. Count the price in time and money. Are you willing to pay it? Everything in life is give and take.
    G. Do you know your why? There’s another great book ‘Start with Why’. Without this you’re just chasing money. Would you spend your entire life chasing a hammer or a drill? Of course not. Money is nothing more than a tool we can leverage, like a hammer, to build or destroy. We humans think it’s all about money, but it’s not. It’s about our purpose, our gifts, our talents, our interests, our passions, our why and using all of this to serve those around us with a kind word, a job or even to help them see their purpose.
Dad from IN, mother from upstate New York. They met in Syracuse while my dad was with the USAF, married 6 months later and I was born overseas. Raised in Syracuse after dad separated from USAF. Went to SUNY Polytechnic to study mechanical engineering. Worked as an engineer for over 10 years before moving into sales, which I also did for over 10 years before I realized I really needed and wanted to work for myself. Covid only made this more clear. A few years ago I got involved with a non-profit organization. They have a lot of different focuses. I’ve been most interested in sustainability from energy, to addressing hunger to teaching a man or woman “how to fish”.