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  • Her hybrid, digital course the “ABC’s of an American Accent” is a highly personalized one year coaching program that transforms lives.

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Donna Durbin moved 9 times by the 9th grade. Growing up as an “Air Force” kid, Donna knows about starting over, making friends and being the “new kid” in town and embracing change.

Her entrepreneurial life style started at 25 years old, when she bought her first house in Houston, TX and began all the remodeling, along with husband and two sons. Donna’s creative spirit took on a nine year challenge; learning to refinish floors, lay tile, construct lattice fencing and floating and taping sheetrock to design the home of her dreams, complete with 2nd story studio space and swimming pool.

At 32 years old, she returned to college to finish her BA and Masters of Fine Art in fibers. As a professional artist, her weavings and artwork were commissioned for hotels, private clients and exhibited internationally and nationally. It was her love of textiles that lured her to travel the globe to 12 countries, and learn to speak French, Bahasa Indonesian, Japanese, Italian, Spanish and Thai.

Being self-employed and having a flexible schedule, she supplemented her professional art career as an adjunct teacher at the Art Institute of Houston, Houston Community College, as well as, guest lecturer and workshop leader.

In 2005, she began working with adults from over 40 countries teaching ESL at University of Houston. There had always been a desire to live abroad, so in 2008, Donna sold all her belongings, except her art, and what treasures would fit in a 10’ x 20’ storage unit to move to Thailand. Traveling Southeast Asia for two years, allowed her to experience the ex-pat life and identify with the challenges immigrants face when speaking a foreign language and adjusting to a new culture.

Her passion is to teach accent reduction and English communication skills to non-native English speakers, to equalize their opportunities in an English speaking global market. Donna transforms a person’s language frustrations, insecurities, misunderstandings and doubts into someone who confidently speaks English that clearly conveys their intelligence, technical knowledge, passion and individual personality.