Julio is an international multiple award-winning professional, mission-driven entrepreneur and a lifetime learner. He uses his 8 years’ experience within management, training and research environments to enable personal, professional and business growth. Julio is the founder of Sharing Knowledge Int – SKI a company guided by the purpose of enabling powerful personal transformation to drive business career and life fullfilment. SKI offers Power Coaching with a focus on business, career and life expansion for entrepreneurs and professionals. And for organizations, SKI offers knowledge consultancy with a focus on talent development, organization development and knowledge sharing.

Julio, throught SKI, supports entrepreneurs through an ecosystem of stakeholders and coopertive ventures.   This has grown to over 300 people in just 6 months.   

His motto – “Craft your way to success”

His process has 3 tenets:

  1. Passion and Clarity of Goals
  2. Belief
  3. Acceptance and Mindset

He suggests asking yourself these questions: 

  1. What do you want? 
  2. How will you get it? 
  3. What’s next?