Talking Points:

  • What made me decide to commit to entrepreneurship?
  • Advice for those looking to start an online business
  • Marketing tips (social media marketing, copywriting, etc.)
Lindsay Hanson quit her job just 18 months into her career to pursue her dream of starting an online coaching business. Now as a business coach & freelance social media manager, she’s created a life free from the constraints of the corporate world.

Lindsay has made it her mission to help other aspiring entrepreneurs to overcome the fear & self-doubt that are holding them back so they can get out of a job they hate and create a life of freedom doing work they love.

Why coaching? 

You have to have a purpose and a coach will help to guide you towards that purpose and help to create a plan to reach your goal. 

Great quote from this episode: 

“Ask yourself: “how do I want to be of service to others?”

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