Matthew Iyiola – Freelancematthew – is a freelance copywriter. He focuses on working with businesses in the health, wellness, and sports niche to engage their audience, generate leads, and land clients. One of his favorite things about being a health copywriter is being able to share accurate and actionable information in the midst of the poor and dishonest fitness advice that’s being spread around.

Matthew has a colorful background, having worked as a physical therapist, personal trainer, and business development manager. In a way, he’s able to combine all these roles in his current job description as a copywriter.

Matthew is from and currently lives in Nigeria. Growing up in a developing country, he’s had to grab opportunities as they come to pay the bills, survive and thrive. He’s also learned the value of building relationships, helping, and receiving help from people. He’s highly sociable and never passes up an opportunity to meet new people and make connections.

He loves exercising and encouraging others to do the same, whether it’s going for a walk, training for a marathon, or breaking a personal record in the gym. He also loves puzzles and is a superfan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Things we can talk about:

– How to handle the process of changing careers without feeling guilty – I’ve tried a couple of career paths, and I’m not 30 yet. Many of the pivots were difficult but I’m grateful for making them. So I could talk about having the right mindset if you find yourself in the same situation.

– How to stay winning – secrets to having a positive attitude despite unfavorable events around you.

– Developing healthy skepticism – I think it’s important to question things we see as “facts” because you’d be surprised at what turns out to be nothing but a charade.