EP 115 – The Test Camp – Dr Scott Wise

Let’s solve the Test Taking Skills Resource once and for all.  Here it is:


mAke the grAde, and Dr Steven Greene, are proud to be partners with Dr Scott Wise in this critically important resource.

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In the current academic environment high stakes standard test are used not just to evaluate students’ progress and educational status but also to determine funding, curriculum and in some cases, teachers compensation.

The emphasis and importance of these tests, right or wrong, has never been greater.  

Enter Dr Scott Wise. A career educator who has created a source for your child to learn HOW to take tests and how to PERFORM up to their best ability on tests.


The podcast guest is Test Camp founder Dr. Scott Wise. His forty-plus-year career in teaching and teacher education includes being president of the Association of Teacher Educators in Florida. He and his colleagues have assembled a group of highly-talented students, educators and technology professionals to bring you the dynamic project, The Test Camp. They are dedicated to providing affordable test skills training that empowers students to experience test success.
This discussion touched on several important topics.
  • Testing is a Performance
    School “Success” is determined by tests
    Examples of successful performers

    Test Success is Performance Success
  • Performance Success
    The Routines of Successful Performers
    Prepare, Practice, Perform
    Knowledge, Skills, & Confidence
    (Optional: Learning vs. Studenting)

  • Test Skills Practice
    Acquiring Skills requires Practice

    Second-nature during a performance
    Problem-Solving System

  • Success as a Lifestyle
    Applying Problem-Solving to situations
    Reflection: Continuous Improvement
    Personal “Appearance”
    (Johari Window)

PS – These skills / techniques are just as valuable on professional certification exams like the

  • Bar Exam
  • CPA Exams
  • Insurance Licensing Exams
  • MCATs
  • LSATs
  • Nursing Certification Exams
  • Etc etc etc.

mAke the grAde, and Dr Steven Greene, are proud to be partners with Dr Scott Wise in this critically important resource.  When you go to the site to access this excellent information use the code MAKETHEGRADE when you check out for a discount and access to bonus material.