Education Live Thursday – Is College for Everyone? What’s your plan B? A conversation with Jonathan Brunch from Unbound

Learn about some ways that you can get a 4 year college degree… but with a different track AND no student loan debt.

We’ll discuss…
* College isn’t for everyone, and that’s a good thing
* The critical educational need for today’s world is to be able to quickly and effectively master complicated information. “Knowing” is less important than being able to learn.
* To be able to make better decisions about your educational future (and to make wiser decisions in life) reject an answers based paradigm and shift to a questions based paradigm. An answers based system says you have to know exactly what career you want to go into and retire from before you can decide your major and choose your college. That’s crazy. Who knows the answer to that at 17 or 18 (or 30 for that matter)? A questions based paradigm says that asking the right questions and seeking those answers in an iterative, small scale process, is not only a better and more accurate way to make decisions about your future, it’s also a lot less stressful.
* Your Q/A

JONATHAN BRUSH has worked in higher education for over 20 years. He worked for over a decade in traditional higher education as a Director of Admissions for a private, selective, liberal arts college and has over a decade in non-traditional higher education, first as the founder and director of a student life experience and program for an accelerate distance learning company and currently as the President and CEO of Unbound, an education company that specializes in project based education. You can learn more about Jonathan and Unbound a