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Do you need support for your child in this age of virtual learning?   
Are you planning to send your children to college?
What is your savings plan?
I sat down with Financial Coach Chris Crail in the mAke the grAde studio and we discussed this important topic.  Some of the specifics included:
  • Ways to set your child up for financial success
  • Ways to prepare for the costs of college
  • Does college make the most sense?
  • Ways of maximizing a budget and lowering expenses
  • How to protect my families finances now, as well as in the future
  • Why it’s better to be proactive than reactive
  • Best methods of debt reduction
About Chris:
Chris Crail grew up in several different neighborhoods throughout the Philadelphia area.  He is now married and lives in Ambler.  He went to Temple University and graduated with a degree in Sport and Recreation Management.  After working in college athletics for a few years, he started working part-time in financial services.  After a few years, he transitioned full-time into finance and is currently a Financial Coach with Primerica Financial Services.  Through Primerica, Chris helps families become properly protected, debt free and financially independent.  He focuses on educating people financially and creating simple strategies to help an individual or family hit their financial goals.  Finance doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming and Chris is more than willing to have a conversation with anyone to see how he can help!

Chris Crail