EP 105 Plan your College Finances with Chris Crail

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This week he is joined by Chris Crail, Financial Planner.
Chris will talk about the importance of knowledge and preparation when it comes to saving money, whether it be for college, retirement, or that second home. He’ll share some quick tips on budgeting and planning ahead.
Learn things like “Pay yourself first”, the “Rule of 72” or the “High Cost of Waiting”, and Benefits of a 529 or other college savings plans
Chris Crail is a Financial Coach with Primerica Financial. He has been in the industry over 8 years and has been helping families learn more about How Money Works. Chris graduated from Temple University and has a background in Sports and Athletics. He has used that knowledge to bring a simplified, coaching approach to various financial topics. Chris enjoys helping people as well as finding ways to give back to the community. He helps to run a non-profit networking group that Meets monthly and highlights local non-profits to raise awareness and attract volunteers, donations, etc.