EP 110 The Stress Less Life with Carlee Myers

Carlee Meyers – of Stresslessco,com – helps everyone to reduce stress using a propriety system she developed through her life experience and intuitive sense working through her own personal struggles.
Carlee offers a complimentary Stress Assessment: https://stresslessco.com/apply


EP 109 Creative Healing with Katie K May

Education Live Thursday – Every week – Updates on topics in Education and Academic Tips.
This week, our guest is Katie K. May is the Owner and Clinical Director of Creative Healing, a Teen Support Center with 3 locations in the Greater Philadelphia area: Flourtown, King of Prussia and Philadelphia.
Their team of teen specialists offer individual and group therapy for teen self-expression, support and skill-building with a focus on Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Trauma-Informed practices and LGBTQ-affirming care.
Check out the video version of this conversation here: https://youtu.be/H6qs5c3gZus

EP 108 Mindfulness with Sarah Morphew

Education Live Thursday.
Every Thursday 8pm. Join host Dr Steven Greene as we discuss trends, topics and updates in the world of Education. This week a BIG announcement in the test prep world, and a new workshop you will want to know about. Also our guest this week, Sarah Morphew.
Sarah is a writer, photographer, and inner peace guide. She is a certified mindfulness and meditation instructor, she provides simple, research-based techniques that have been shown to help us focus our attention, reduce stress and anxiety, avoid burnout and overwhelm, experience more feelings of calmness and joy, and to improve memory, sleep, and overall well-being.
Did you know that the American Heart Association has said that mindfulness has many heart related benefits such as lower stress, reduced anxiety and depression, better sleep quality, and greater well-being.
Sarah teaches tools for inner peace, self-love, self-acceptance, and self-compassion. She helps seekers find true peace in the present moment, so you can stop chasing happiness, and love yourself exactly as you are.
Caring for others is an amazing gift. Having tools to deal with the heavy emotions and stressors that come up can help both our health and the ability to do our jobs well.
You provide so much value to those around you. You deserve to experience inner-peace and calm. Fill your cup first, so you’re able to help those around you to do the same.
Reach Sarah here: sarahmorphew@gmail.com

EP 107 – How to Stress Less with Carlee Meyers

For all things academic support, test prep and executive function skills – Learn more at www.makethegrade.net

Here is a very important consideration…

Do you feel stressed?

Do you feel overwhelmed?

Do you feel like you don’t have a system to deal with the load of word and life stuff that you have?

Then this podcast is for you – and your family – because it tackles this very common situation head on.

Join the mAke the grAde podcast for a candid conversation with the founder of the STRESS LESS COMPANY Carlee Meyers as we discuss:

The causes of stress and overwhelm

How to cope with the stress and overwhelm

Where to seek support and help

How to share these ideas and solutions with your family and others

Connect with Carlee here…

As mentioned in the conversation:
Link to apply for a complimentary Stress Assessment: https://stresslessco.com/apply


EP 106 – ELT – Peggy Ployhar – SPED Homeschool Resources

Education Live Thursday – Every Thursday at 8pm – discussing current important topics in education.

learn more here: www.makethegrade.net

This week our guest is Peggy Ployhar, SPED Homeschool Founder & CEO, is a leader in the special education homeschooling community and a frequent writer and speaker on specialized education homeschooling issues.

She is a physicist turned home educator left a lucrative career in the medical device industry to teach the struggling learners in her own home, which eventually turned into a lifetime calling.

Peggy founded SPED Homeschool in 2017 and now leads an organization that empowers thousands of families across the globe each year to create specialized home education plans. Peggy is also the host of the very popular live broadcast and podcast, SPED Homeschool Conversations, a weekly talk show where her guests address relevant issues related to customizing homeschooling for unique learners.

Here are some of the topics covered:

* What led you to start homeschooling and how did you manage to homeschool while meeting the unique learning needs of each of your three children?

* What are the most important things logistically parents need to know about homeschooling, including laws, curriculum, resources, and support?

* What about beyond the logistics? What kind of mindset and vision do parents, families and children need to have to make the homeschool experience successful?

* What encouragement do you have to share with a parent who may think their child has lost ground with all the changes in learning due to COVID?

* Why did you create SPED Homeschool and how can families connect with your resources?

EP 105 Plan your College Finances with Chris Crail

Join Dr Greene for this weekly edition of Education Live Thursday , a weekly show highlighting important and timely topics in education.
If you have suggestions for topics, or you would like to be considered as a guest on Education Live Thursday  email here
Reach Dr Greene at www.makethegrade.net
This week he is joined by Chris Crail, Financial Planner.
Chris will talk about the importance of knowledge and preparation when it comes to saving money, whether it be for college, retirement, or that second home. He’ll share some quick tips on budgeting and planning ahead.
Learn things like “Pay yourself first”, the “Rule of 72” or the “High Cost of Waiting”, and Benefits of a 529 or other college savings plans
Chris Crail is a Financial Coach with Primerica Financial. He has been in the industry over 8 years and has been helping families learn more about How Money Works. Chris graduated from Temple University and has a background in Sports and Athletics. He has used that knowledge to bring a simplified, coaching approach to various financial topics. Chris enjoys helping people as well as finding ways to give back to the community. He helps to run a non-profit networking group that Meets monthly and highlights local non-profits to raise awareness and attract volunteers, donations, etc.