Dr Steven Greene – the Success Doctor – is a life long educator, best selling author of “Maximum Education”, host of the mAke the grAde podcast, and online success community facilitator.

His mission and focus are simple: to provide actions so his students can maximize their education.

In 1997, Dr Greene founded mAke the grAde Academic Services, which has provided educational consulting and tutoring services to over 13 000 students and their families and counting.

5 Key Structures of Learning Success

  1. Physical – where do you work
  2. Time – How do you schedule your studies
  3. Academic – Know what to study
  4. Accountability – Who is on the path with you
  5. Support – Where do you go if you need help


Resources Mentioned

Mr. Holland’s Opus

Social Media Information

www.makethegrade.community (success community)

www.makethegrade.education (resource community)

www.facebook.com/DrStevenGreene (personal)





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