How mAke the grAde Can Help You and Your Child Prepare for the Future

The college admission process is stressful for your child. There are many factors to consider when picking a college. In addition to choosing schools to apply to and the regular schoolwork, sports, clubs, and other extracurricular activities. Students need to also study and prepare for the SAT/PSAT or ACT exams.

Success on the SAT and ACT – high test scores – is a critical part of getting accepted to the college of your choice and is key to a student’s future academic plans. College admissions officers use the SAT and ACT scores, in addition to grades / GPA, and other criteria, to make their admissions decisions. At mAke the grAde we prepare students to reach their potential and maximize their scores on these tests.

What our Tutoring Entails for Your Child

When students enter into our program, we create a detailed plan to help them succeed:

Abilities Assessment.
We do an assessment of each student’s present ability and skill level. Based on the assessment and individual success plan is created based on the students goals and timeline.

Strategies for different sections.
When students take a standardized test, it helps to have a plan of attack. By knowing what to expect and how to tackle different sections, they will be better able to make it through the test with better results. Different subjects require different approaches. We can teach students how to strategize for every question within these different sections.

Practice helps when preparing for these tests. Our pacing drills and practice tests will help students prepare for their upcoming exams. The more consistent, the higher likelihood of success.

Content review.
People tend to have more strength in certain subjects. We will help your child review different areas and give extra focus to the subjects for which your child needs additional assistance.

Feedback is essential in the learning process. By providing feedback, we help students identify in which areas they need more focus to do better on these exams.

Practice Testing.
Practice testing, or “mock” testing, is a key component which simulates the students actual test and helps to determine if they are on track.

The Benefits of Using mAke the grAde

We offer benefits above and beyond traditional SAT/PSAT and ACT prep courses:

An individualized plan.
One of our key benefits is that we tailor the program to the student. This approach makes sure your child focuses on the areas he or she struggles with the singular goal of improving their test taking skills to increase their final scores. An assessment will help us know how to make the program fit your specific child and once complete, a plan is developed accordingly so your child does not need to spend as much time subjects that are already strengths.

We look at your child’s strengths, but take other factors into consideration as well. For example, a student’s goals and the time commitment he or she is willing to give to the process also factor in. Further, each college and university has its own score requirements for these tests. We take all of these factors into consideration when helping your child prepare for the test.

Both in-person and online options.
With opportunities both in-person and online, you can be sure your child is getting the instruction needed in the format that works best.

Getting into the right school can affect your child for the rest of his or her life. Let us help them prepare for these exams and work toward an ideal career. Contact us today to learn more.