Are you an athlete?

Do you want to attend college on a sport scholarship?

How do you reach your full potential in your sport?

It’s a combination of talents, hard work, and dedication.  But you also want to work smart and have the best team of coaches possible.   Sports coach Patty Luu joined the mAke the grAde podcast to share some tips, tricks and ‘insider’ secrets to get you to where you want to be.

Here are some of the talking points…

What are the benefits of learning sports psychology techniques also known as mental skills training without a fall season?

  • Improves Their Athletic Performance for when competition resumes
  • Mentally engage in sports
  • Gives your children another way to stay involved in sports

What are you doing to put your child ahead for when competition resumes?

  • Parents invest in the physical why not the mental side of sports?
  • For example, athletes have traditional sports coach, personal trainer, why not a professional who focuses on the mental side of sports
  • Sports psychology puts your children ahead of other athletes who don’t use it to improve their performance
  • Prevents them from making the same mistakes over and over again during competition
  • Mistakes made during competition are mental mistakes rather than mistakes due to lack of proficiency in skills

What are the results of working with a sports performance enhancement consultant/coach such as myself?

  • More confident children
  • Decrease family drama
  • Less stress
  • Having someone to help your children achieve their goals and dreams
  • Consistently performing at high level to increase their likelihood getting an athletic college scholarship
  • Skills need to do well in school, sports, and life

Without a fall season, it DOES NOT mean that your child won’t benefit from sports psychology also known as mental skills training-Best time implement it is when your children have a break from sports

Sports psychology technique require consistent practice and effort to become proficient.

Abou Patty Luu, M. S. Sports Psychology

CEO-Driven To Peak Consulting

Patty Luu is the founder of Driven To Peak Consulting, which is a sports psychology and performance coaching company.  As a performance enhancement consultant/coach, she helps high school and young adult athletes overcome the mental blocks that prevent them from improving their performance and achieving their goals.  Driven To Peak Consulting takes on younger athletes on a case by case basis.

Patty has experience working with athletes in the United States and internationally in Canada.  She has worked with athletes at the youth level up to the college level.

Patty’s passion for helping high school and young adult athletes comes from her own experience playing sports as well as her educational background being in performance and sports psychology.

After Patty graduated from Randolph-Macon College with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, she obtained a Master of Science in Kinesiology with a concentration in Sport Psychology from the University of Tennessee in May 2014.

Other names that commonly refer to Patty are mental performance consultant, mental performance coach, sport psychology consultant, mental skills coach, and mental skills consultant.

What is the difference between a performance enhancement consultant also known as a mental performance consultant and a sports psychologist?  While a sports psychologist helps with performance and mental health issues, a performance enhancement consultant helps with performance issues.

Patty is from Richmond, VA.  In her spare time, Patty enjoys watching sports, playing sports, and exercising.