Parents – Do You Want the Ultimate Back-to-School Plan for Fall 2020 –
Without Worrying About Your Child’s Future?

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Are you concerned about ‘split shifts’ and other alternative school schedules?
Where do colleges stand on college admissions/SAT/ACT in today’s climate?
Are you concerned about the challenges of virtual learning?
Do you have your home learning structure in place?
Will you be utilizing “Pods” or another group based platform?
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Katie K May – Coping with stress in today’s world
Sarah Lorraine – Positive Parent Involvement in Post-COVID Educational Settings
Lauren M Barrow, PhD – THE NEW FRONTIER: Navigating Education Post-COVID
Samantha Feinman – Self – Advocacy in the age of Virtual Learning
Dan Ascher, M.Ed. – The Teenage Brain -How to Use to your Advantage
Dr Steven Greene – The 5 Critical Structures of Home and Virtual Learning


Katie K May – Coping with stress in today’s world
Back to school in scary times can be more stressful than other years.  Learn science-backed strategies for effectively regulating emotions to manage stress and anxiety to set your kids up for success this year.  Get specific how to’s and what not to do’s so you have a fool-proof structure for supporting your family.  Katie  K May is the owner and Clinical Director at Creative Healing.

Sarah Lorraine – Positive Parent Involvement in Post-COVID Educational Settings
Parent involvement in education is highly correlated with student success and positive academic outcomes for both traditional and special education students, but what should parent involvement look like now, in post-COVID educational settings? Learn ways to identify your child’s needs, get involved, and support your child’s learning across educational settings (virtual, in-person, and hybrid). Learn how to read and analyze your child’s Evaluation/Re-Evaluation Report, Individual Education Plan, or 504 Plan and request the changes necessary to support your child’s learning across multiple settings.  Sarah Lorraine, M.S. & Certified School Psychologist has been supporting students and families since 2004. 

Lauren M Barrow, PhD – THE NEW FRONTIER: Navigating Education Post-COVID
College visits, applications and completion in the Post-COVID era is going to be different from anything seen before.  Indeed, the college experience is going to be different from even just last year.  Parents need to trust that our young adults are making the best decision for them, even if that means that we, as parents, are unfamiliar with the path that they are taking.  This presentation introduces parents and students to how higher education is pivoting to respond to the “new normal”, as well as providing insight into questions that the parents may have.  Lauren is mother to a 2020 college graduate and current and future college students (maybe), as well as Chair for the Center for Education, Advocacy and Social Justice at Chestnut Hill College.

Samantha Feinman – Self – Advocacy in the age of Virtual Learning
Students need to learn how to self-advocate and be proactive with regards to finding and utilizing help. The barriers students may encounter to receiving help, and how they can overcome such barriers will be highlighted here. The importance of self-advocacy and help-seeking skills especially in the e-learning environment where learning and instruction tends to be more linear will also be emphasized.  Samantha Curiale-Feinman, MS. Ed., TSHH, is the Director of New Frontiers Executive Function Coaching.

Dan Ascher, M.Ed. – The Teenage Brain – How it Works and How to Use to your Advantage

The “Teenage Brain” — the latest science on how teenage brains are different from those of adults.
  • Why teens don’t always make great decisions (and how you can help them make better ones!)
  • Why teens are more likely to engage in risky behaviors
  • Why teens can more easily learn new languages or musical instruments
Daniel Ascher, M.Ed., President of A+ Test Prep and Tutoring, has been a professional educator since 1988.

Dr Steven Greene – The 5 Critical  Structures of Home  and Virtual Learning

There are 5 structures every family must have in place so their children can maximize their virtual  learning / home school  / educational experience:

  • Physical
  • Academic
  • Time
  • Accountability
  • Support.

Dr Steven Greene has been the lead educator at since 1993.


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Katie May – Creative Healing –
Creative Healing is a teen support center with three locations: Flourtown, King of Prussia and Philadelphia. Their team of adolescent specialists blend evidence-based practices and creative modalities to help teens manage big emotions and create a life they love. Learn more at
Samantha Feinman – New Frontiers –
New Frontiers is committed to helping clients reach their fullest potential through a collaborative, creative and flexible coaching model. We offer one to one executive function coaching and academic tutoring, as well as social and transition to college and/or career support services. Group programs focus on social engagement and interpersonal skills. We provide coaching both in-person and virtually for clients school-aged through adulthood. Parent workshops and professional trainings are also available to assist in community awareness and development. In-person support to navigate virtual school and online learning during the COVID-19 crisis is also available both one on one and in groups. or
Ron Shapiro – Education by Entertainment –
Parents – Would you like to show your family members a little bit more about how they think so they can be a safer, more productive, better students and communicators while having FUN?  Dr. Ronald G. Shapiro will show you how. Ronald G. Shapiro, PhD will explain how you can lead up to 30 Education By  Entertainment activities with your immediate family members (advanced grade 3 to college and professionals) at home and you can include extended family and friends over an internet connection for some activities. Ron’s EducationalGames.Fun website and contact him at  DrRonShapiro1981@SigmaXi.Net or 401.272.4664