Parents and Students

Are you confused about the 2020 college admissions landscape? 
Do you know the ‘best practices’ for your children to gain acceptance to their ‘dream schools’?
Do you have a cohesive long term plan?

In this weeks edition of EDUCATION LIVE THURSDAY, Dr Steven Greene features a conversation with Phenix Badmus – The College Success Coach.

Key talking points:

  • Why building a brand as a student is important
  • How To build a brand Online
  • How to build a brand In School/ On Campus
  • How parents can support students in creating a brand and clarifying their goals for college

Phenix Frazier Badmus, earned a BA in English from Morgan State University and a M.Ed. from George Washington University. She founded College Optimized, a student success and development company, bringing with her 20 years of experience in academic advising, mentoring, academic support, student success coaching, and career counseling . She started the Office Hours with the College Success Professor Podcast to share her knowledge and expertise with students who want to graduate on time and on purpose. She also offers workshops, and coaching services to teach students how to apply the tools, strategies, and mindsets that lead to success in college and in life.