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Homeschooling is a great option for some families. If you are considering taking this direction for educating your middle school-aged children, here is some helpful information you need to know.


Who Should Consider Homeschooling?

Homeschooling is a great option for middle schoolers who need more flexibility than a traditional classroom can give. Homeschooling offers an enriching environment where students can be more focused on lessons without the distractions that can come from a school setting. Other students who can benefit from a homeschool environment include those who have just moved to a new area and those who have health issues that make it difficult to be in class with other students.


Use This Time for Transitioning to High School

Middle school is a time of great change and preparation. During your homeschooling sessions, spend some time focusing on lessons and exercises that will prepare your children for high school. In high school, students will be expected to be more mature and exhibit some independence. The quality of their work will also need to be at a higher level. Get your children ready for these changes by slowly introducing these qualities in your lessons. Allow your children to work independently on their schoolwork and start expecting more from them academically.


Add Electives to Your Curriculum

Middle school is the perfect time to let your children begin to make choices about their education. In a traditional classroom setting, middle school students are introduced to elective classes from which they can choose. Offer the same types of choices to your children as part of their homeschooling curriculum. Allowing your children to have a say in what topics they are learning about will help give them a sense of ownership about their education, encourage them to take their lessons seriously and instill a love of learning in them.


Plan Field Trips

Avoid the mistake of taking the “home” part of homeschooling too literally. Learning can happen anywhere, and taking your middle school-aged children on field trips is a great way to break up the school day and keep the education coming. Your children will love a chance to get out of the home classroom and experience life by taking trips to museums, plays and symphony concerts. You can even take them on real-life adventures like visiting a TV or radio station or something similar. The sky’s the limit, and it is the perfect opportunity to introduce your middle school children to everything life has to offer.


You have many options and opportunities when you homeschool your middle school-aged children. If you think homeschooling is an option you want to consider, contact mAke the grAde Academic Services today, and we can help get you started.