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The beginning of 2020 has proven to be a difficult and challenging time. This is particularly true for families with school-aged children given the drastic changes that occurred with the transition from the classroom to home-based learning. Parents were abruptly forced to be homeschool teachers while balancing work and life. Further, no one knows exactly what the fall school semester will bring or if the school will be ‘normal’ again anytime soon. Moving forward, parents are concerned that their children are learning and that they are progressing at the proper rate. At mAke the grAde, we can help you make sure that your child is on track. If you are struggling with teaching certain subjects, we can help there, too. We offer a variety of services that will help your child improve even in these uncertain times.

Math and Science Tutoring

We offer math and science tutoring for middle school, high school and college students to help your child to achieve higher grades. You can be confident your child is learning all of the age-appropriate material in an efficient and effective manner.

Academic Assessments

Before jumping into the material, it is crucial to determine your child’s current level of knowledge with the subject matter. Our assessments will determine the level of your child’s knowledge, so we can design a program that will keep your child on track.  We will conduct personal interviews and review recent work. Your child can also use testing materials that we have designed to ascertain his or her level of knowledge.

Tailored to Your Child

At mAke the grAde, we design instructional plans that are unique to your child’s needs and skillset. After we determine your child’s starting point, we develop a personalized series of short, medium, and long-term goals. Next, we design a syllabus designed to help your child reach these goals.

Monitored Progress and Adjustments

At regular intervals, we will evaluate your child’s progress to confirm that he or she is on track and make adjustments to the individualized plan as appropriate.

Additional Skills

In addition to math and science, we can help your child become a better overall student. These skills are especially important since the learning environment has changed so dramatically in recent years. We also teach time management and study skills to help your child do better academically as well, all of which the tools and resources needed can be found in Dr. Greene’s Amazon bestseller, Maximum Education.


Stepping into the shoes of your child’s teacher can be difficult. Let us help you to make sure your child is heading in the right direction. Contact us at mAke the grAde today.