Ep. 56 - How to Fix Your Sleep Schedule Once & For All, feat. Vic Patalano - Make The Grade
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Medical fact: Improper sleep can have a deleterious effect on your child’s education and health. But this can be prevented.

In this episode Dr Greene hosts Certified Sleep Expert and Mattress purveyor Vic Patalano from Mattress Outlet of Abington to shares his insights on the importance of quality sleep, how sleep impacts learning and tips on getting the best sleep that you possibly can.

Vic discusses a proper pre-sleep ritual that you can easily do, as well as talking about what to avoid prior to bedtime, and how to create a quality sleep experience so you can work to your full potential every day.

You can connect with Vic Patalano at these sites mentioned in the podcast: www.vapmarketing.com or https://thebeddingconcierge.com/ or www.matlet.com or the Mattress Outless Facebook Page

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