Today’s episode features Dr. Greene’s appearance on the OMG Show with Jamie Palmer, where he shares the entrepreneurial side of his journey.

He shares his wealth of knowledge, having been teaching for over four decades!

He discusses many great tricks and tips for how your child can maximize their full potential in school, as well as where he sees the future of education going.

Steven is a full time educator who also runs an education and tutoring company.

He went to college in the early eighties and got his teaching certificate.

He was high school teacher, middle school teacher, and eventually a college professor.

Steven left his position as a professor to become a stay at home parent.

As technology advanced, Steven came to the realization that becoming an online tutor and starting a business was becoming a reality.

He has taken tutoring, which was once a remote business model, and is expanding it globally.

His main passions are helping people reach their goals & maximizing their education.

He is also an author, whose book (Maximum Education) aims to give people the tools necessary to help themselves excel academically.