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John Bair is the Chief BADASS of Bair Knuckle Strength

Do you know how to give your kids what they need, in order to improve their grades? What is the key for them to make decisions and take action? Why is it important for YOU to know their why? 

Peer behind the curtain of human performance as John Bair shares his experience with Mindset, Fitness and Nutrition, as it relates to children in their formative learning years.

John Bair is a Life Coach, Strength Coach, Nutrition Coach and founder/owner of Bair Knuckle Strength.

Mr. Bair runs a health and wellness studio in Fort Washington, where, as one of his students explains; “He takes more of psychological approach to working out, and encourages people based on their abilities and needs”.

He has chosen to devote his life to serving others through health and wellness, because he himself had to overcome a dark, painful, abusive upbringing, along with losing his 2 best friends by the age of 25.

When life hits you hard and knocks you out, most people stay down, because they are afraid to get back up, or don’t have the tools to actually change.

Too many folks live lives of quiet desperation, hoping things will just ‘get better’, without actually ‘addressing the elephant(s) in the room’, and usually end up right back on the road to nowhere.

Having been ‘scorched by the fire of life’, John has come out on the other side and now offers ‘buckets of water’ to those still consumed by their own flames.

He offers Group Classes and Semi-Private or Private Sessions locally, while also offering Online and Distance Coaching, to those who live further away.

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