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Is tutoring the right choice for your child and your family?

When your child struggles to master academic concepts it leads to frustration for the student and the parents. This disconnect is concerning on many levels.  The students often lack confidence when they are unable to make the needed connections to the material that they are learning.  Students also have an inability to communicate their frustrations.  Parents feel like they are unable to help their children to succeed.  This situation generally will get progressively more and more serious if it is not addressed promptly.  Many families find that having the student meet with a professional tutor helps to put their children back on track.

Development of foundational academic skills – regardless of the subject –  is critical at every stage of learning.  Deficiencies in math or reading or organizational skills at an early stages of education, for example, will invariably lead to greater challenges in the academic process.  It is important to learn and master these skills at the time they are first presented to the student.

Unfortunately it is difficult for a child to know when they are skill deficient and it is also difficult for the parent to recognize and assess the appropriate levels of competency.  This is why professional support, like tutoring, or a consultation with an educational professional is so important at all levels of your child’s education.  A simple evaluation can determine areas of need and enable the tutor to make recommendations for remediation.

Further, in reality, and often because they want to please us as parents, children are reluctant to communicate their struggles and their frustrations..  An educational professional, like a tutor, can create a ’safe place’ for the student to candidly discuss their issues and how these issues are affecting their ability to learn and to succeed with their academics. More importantly, the tutor is capable of doing a proper evaluation of the student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Fortunately, with the beginning of a new academic school year, there is a fresh start and this is the typically a great time to introduce new ideas, new concepts and tutoring to your homeschooler.   The time with the tutor may be spent reinforcing areas in which they might need some help academically (math, reading, science, writing, etc) which will enable them to keep them moving forward academically and the time may also provide structure for time management, or information management for course material and also to help them maintain their confidence throughout the school year.

And finally, If your child has been diagnosed with a learning issue (ADHD, dyslexia, etc), they often have to work harder to stay on track and they require a structure that is very important for their success.  A tutor experienced in working with and teaching children with learning disabilities is skilled in teaching children and in presenting information with strategies that are more effective and that are easier for your child to understand.  This results in increased efficiency in the educational process and it also can make make learning more enjoyable for the child, and for the parents.

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