The Mastermind University Interview

Dr Steven Greene, of mAke the grAde, was recently interviewed by Joseph Mercado, the founder of Mastermind University.

Here is a link to the interview:

They discussed the 3 critical tenets of Maximum Education: 

Time Management
Information Management
A Daily Success Action Plan 

They also discussed Dr Greene’s reasons for getting into the education field and a discussion of why he wrote Maximum Education.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn…

Steven-Green-Book-CoverDid you know, for example, that Dr. Greene’s parents were both teachers.

You do not have to be perfect to have success.

Everything in the Maximum Education program is designed so that is can be used immediately for quick results.

And so much more!

What did you think of the interview?

What did you learn?

How will you be able to apply these ideas in your daily life?

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mAke the grAde Case Study: The High School Daily Success Plan

CASE STUDY #11: High School Big Plan

Consistency Quote FBCharlie was a high school junior in the middle of a very, very busy stretch in his academic life during the spring of his junior year. On top of this, he was planning to take college entrance exams (SATs), and he participated in sports in the spring and winter seasons.  This all but insured that he did not have a lot of free time.  He was taking AP world history and honors English, and the rest of his courses were college prep level courses. (This issue was a little bit like Sarah’s, as they simply didn’t have enough hours in the day.)

Again, the solution was multifaceted.  We implemented several strategies all at once, combining outlining, note-taking, and test prep techniques, as well as chunking, blockingMaximum Education Daily Action Plan - Facebook and time management protocols, and homework tracking and time prioritization. Charlie got the whole buffet of services!  The main thing that helped him tremendously was breaking up his work into daily, manageable chunks that he was able to keep up with.  The mentality was to prepare as if he was prepping for a test the next day, based on the information to date with his subjects. If he didn’t have a test for six or seven days, he would study about 1/6 of that material as well as all the material up to date to that point he found this extremely helpfulbut .  Not only was it helpful, but it was also actually more efficient. He was able to spend less time studying than he had before because he was able to use his time more effectively. Later he confided that he felt the time management calendaring was most useful because he basically understood the topics, he just wasn’t able to plan things out so that things didn’t start overlapping with each other and become confusing and overwhelming.

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2019 – Set your goals


It’s a new year – 2019 – and it’s time to set your goals.


Goals can have many categories:

  1. Professional
  2. Academic
  3. Personal
  4. Financial
  5. Artistic
  6. Social

and more…

What types of goals do you have?


Writing them down gives them a power that simply thinking about them can not do.

Secondly, you’ll want to create a “Smart Goal”… again, these are far more powerful than simply thinking about your goal.

“I want to do a triathlon”  < —  that’s a goal

“By October 31st I will complete a triathlon by swimming 500 yards, then biking 15 miles then running 5K and I will complete this pithing 1 hour.  I will train for this daily by exercising, watching my diet and maintaining my focus and complementing my other goals.”   < —  That’s  a SMART goal.


So what are your goals?

I challenge you to write them down.  Read them every day… maybe multiple times a day.

I challenge you to reach them and then set new goals that take you even further.

Go for it.

At mAke the grAde we help you to reach your goals.

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