Summer Education

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Summer… a break from school and its structure.  Time to relax and recharge.

Summer is also a time to bolster your academics and avoid the ‘summer brain drain’.

mAke the grAde offers these summer programs:

SAT / ACT prep 
There is an ACT July 14th (for the first time the ACT will be given over the summer) and an SAT August 25th.  Who should takes these exams? Raising seniors who want to improve their scores prior to the college application ‘season’ or raising juniors who want to get an early indication of your score baselines.

“I did SAT prep in July and August last summer.  It was so much easier to stay on course without all of the commitments and deadlines of school and activities and sports.  My score went from 1180 to 1310 with 100+ in Math!  Thank you!” — Ryan L

Academics – Fall Preview
Taking a class this fall that you expect to be challenging?  You can use the summer to preview the class and get a jump. mAke the grAde provides support for:

All levels of Math
General Math

General Science

as well as SAT/ACT prep

I am just ok in Math so I was worried about taking Physics along with 3 AP classes.  We got the textbook from the school and Dr Greene and I worked through the first 4 chapters of the book over the summer.  Once school started I was set until the 2nd marking period.  This made things so much easier and took the pressure off of Physics but also all of my other classes.”  –  Kara R.

Academics – Review

Do you need to review a class you took last year?
Do you need to review concepts that you will need moving forward?
Do you need to bridge a gap from prior classes to future classes?

My family moved after my freshman year.  My old school was good but my 9th grade algebra class was slow and didn’t cover a lot of material.  Going into precalculus I knew I needed to review and to practice skills.  We worked over the summer and what a difference…  I had 98% average for the first marking period.  Thank you so much.–Lexi R.

Get started now. Contact the mAke the grAde office or

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