The Maximum Education “infocast”

At mAke the grAde I have a  mission to help as many students reach their academic and personal goals as possible.

So, when I was approached by a national radio syndicate (they have 128 land based stations plus hundreds more which are internet based) to be interviewed about the main educational tenets of Maximum Education, and its mission for success, I accepted the invitation immediately.

Have a listen here:

The interview covers the 3 main tenants:

Time management
Information management
A daily action plan

but there is also discussion of the philosophy on which the book is based and some of my personal viewpoints on why education is so important for everyone (and for society as a whole).

I’d really like your feedback. It is very important to me.

What did you like about the interview?

What do you think was most compelling?

What would you think should have been explored or stressed more?
(for future follow up interview)

Do you a school or individuals who will benefit from Maximum Education?

And, whatever is on your mind.


Maximum Education – The update, the radio interview and the video course

cd6f8-13628385_1066991540051171_50185893_nIn August 2015 I published Maximum Education – The Ultimate Guide to Optimal Academics.  Somewhat to my surprise, the book became a #1 best seller on Amazon in the Education category and continues to sell every day.  Thank you!

This book is essentially a guide on how to “do school” and how to study.  The book was born from years of working with students in a variety of subjects and seeing the recurring pattern that some / part / all of the reason that they were struggling in Math or Science or whatever was that they were unorganized and they did not have a plan.

So I started to to make handouts and exercises for my students to help them organize, and to help them use their time better and to help them plan better… and you know what.. it worked!   I took the handouts and compiled a workbook that I copied on the trusty mAke the grAde office copy machine.  Finally, a parent of a student suggested that I make this into a book… and so Maximum Education – The Ultimate Guide to Optimal Academics was born.

 Summarily the book covers 3 main topics:

Time management
Information management
A daily action plan

Steven-Green-Book-Cover copyThere are also several sections with suggestions for many other academic needs such as writing term papers, studying for standard tests like the SAT and ACT exams, writing college application essays, preparing for midterms and finals, etc etc…

So here are the updates: Recently I was interviewed by a national radio syndicate about the book which is available here, and Maximum Education – The Ultimate Guide to Optimal Academics is now being converted into a video class that anyone can access and follow at their own pace.  The course should be available by August 15th.

At this point I am looking for suggestions.  If you have the book and you have suggestions…

What should be included in the video?
What should be emphasized?
What helped you the most?
What was the least helpful?
What you be willing to provide a video testimonial?

Please contact Dr Steven Greene and provide feedback. 

To summarize:

Listen to the radio interview here

If you don’t have one, get your copy of Maximum Education here

Thank you for you past and present and continued support.

Summer Education

scenic view of beach

Summer… a break from school and its structure.  Time to relax and recharge.

Summer is also a time to bolster your academics and avoid the ‘summer brain drain’.

mAke the grAde offers these summer programs:

SAT / ACT prep 
There is an ACT July 14th (for the first time the ACT will be given over the summer) and an SAT August 25th.  Who should takes these exams? Raising seniors who want to improve their scores prior to the college application ‘season’ or raising juniors who want to get an early indication of your score baselines.

“I did SAT prep in July and August last summer.  It was so much easier to stay on course without all of the commitments and deadlines of school and activities and sports.  My score went from 1180 to 1310 with 100+ in Math!  Thank you!” — Ryan L

Academics – Fall Preview
Taking a class this fall that you expect to be challenging?  You can use the summer to preview the class and get a jump. mAke the grAde provides support for:

All levels of Math
General Math

General Science

as well as SAT/ACT prep

I am just ok in Math so I was worried about taking Physics along with 3 AP classes.  We got the textbook from the school and Dr Greene and I worked through the first 4 chapters of the book over the summer.  Once school started I was set until the 2nd marking period.  This made things so much easier and took the pressure off of Physics but also all of my other classes.”  –  Kara R.

Academics – Review

Do you need to review a class you took last year?
Do you need to review concepts that you will need moving forward?
Do you need to bridge a gap from prior classes to future classes?

My family moved after my freshman year.  My old school was good but my 9th grade algebra class was slow and didn’t cover a lot of material.  Going into precalculus I knew I needed to review and to practice skills.  We worked over the summer and what a difference…  I had 98% average for the first marking period.  Thank you so much.–Lexi R.

Get started now. Contact the mAke the grAde office or