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CASE STUDY #9: University-Level Note-Taking

Melanie was a university student taking business classes.  She found that many of her classes were a combination of lecture information, classroom examples and what the instructor would put on the board, and practice problems that she had to do in class, typically on a worksheet. The challenge was to integrate this information into a single flowchart that enabled her to understand the important concepts.  Our solution was to utilize technology to gather and sort information.  Melanie was able to use her phone to take pictures of worked out problems the teacher had done in front of the room on the board.  Once she had these pictures, she copied them into Evernote and added her written class notes as well as pictures or scans all of her worksheets and worked out problems. This use of different technologies enabled Melanie to gather, organize, and store the information in one place, which, in the past, had been separated, if recorded at all.

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